Share Your Talents

Let your Stories and Ideas
Inspire the World


You have a world inside you. Share with us your special talents, great ideas or stories of life. Let the world be inspired with them. Have an interview with us to tell your story. Share your writings or other creative works in our Facebook group. 


Have an Interview with us

  1. Have some inspiring stories to tell or great ideas to share? If they help promote human goodness or they relate to any topics of Islam please contact us for an interview. We love inspiring stories on any aspect of Islam and The Muslims.
  2. Do you have some great skills do display on Quran, Hadith or any elements of Islam?  Share them in the interview too.
  3. Do you have some interesting ideas or observations on any aspects of Islam or The Muslims? Proudly discuss them with us. Let’s inspire the world together.

Share your Creative Works
Post your own creative Islamic works in our Facebook group  

  1. Inspiring poems, blogs, stories on any topics of Islam
  2. Recordings of your great performance such as interesting short videos on any topics of Islam (May be a new Islamic song that you wrote and sang)
  3. Inspiring facts and ideas on any topics of Islam.

Compete and Inspire
In sha Allah, we will hold periodic competitions on Islamic creative writings and other performance. We will announce them on our website and our social media pages. We encourage you stay in touch and participate. Maybe you will be the next Muslim to inspire the humanity to greatness.

Feel Free to Reach out to us
Please never hesitate to contact us if you feel you have something to talk about that will inspire Muslims or humanity to goodness. Use this easy form to send us a request. We look forward to hear from creative people.


Interview/Talent Share Request Form

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