Services For The Youth


Helping the youth is building the future.
Let humanity cherish and nourish the young hearts 


We take pride in serving the youth of all ages: children, teenagers and young adults. Whether you are a Muslim or of another faith–we want to hear your voice, answer your questions and help you grow. It’s always good to know more and expand our horizon. See what we have for you:


Learn Islam: Become a Radiant or a Brilliant Star
Here is an easy and fun way to learn Islam. Whatever religion you may proclaim, you have an opportunity to inform yourself about Islam. Enroll yourself in either The Radiant or The Brilliant Star program. Learn by watching our live shows being at your own home and at your own time.  Available to the youth of all faith, Muslim and others.

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Have an Interviews and share your talent
Like to talk about your life or ambitions to the world? Give us an interview. You can also display your talents and achievement. Uplift yourself and inspire the world.

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Get our help: Prayer and Advice
Get our prayer and advice in crises: We all face challenges in life. Feel free to contact us if you need help to overcome them. We will pray for you and also advise you to the best of our ability.
Ask your question: Have a question about Islam or its answers to any aspect of human life? Feel free to ask us. We will share our best answer with you.

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Create and Share: Send us your Writings & Recordings
Share your videos and writings in our Facebook group. . Post your video recordings: 1) Recite The Quran 2) Write and sing an Islamic song 3) Other creative products. Post your writings too: 1) Islamic Songs or poems 2) Inspiring blogs or essays on Various Islamic topics

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Enjoy our Festivals and Celebrations:
Join our events to celebrate special occasions. We enjoy delicious food, stage-performances, light sports and mingling. A great chance for interaction. Upcoming events can be found in the announcement page.

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