Services at Your Request


When you ask for:
Prayers, Counselling, Presentation…


We like to be a true friend to you when you face challenging or special moments in life. Please feel free to reach out to us whenever you need us. 


We pray for you when you are challenged 

  1. Dealing with death of a loved one, accidents or illnesses in the family
  2. Facing crisis in Job, relationship, business…
  3. Undertaking a challenging endeavor

We provide counselling 

  1. When a loved one of yours is in crisis
  2. When your relationship is seriously challnged
  3. Before and after marriage for healthier life
  4. When your teen/youngster is headed on harm’s way

We give presentations on various topics of Islam and human life 

  1. Explain and answer questions at churches, colleges, events
  2. Help promote Interfaith friendship, human rights and peace initiatives
  3. Educate teachers and employees about Islam at schools and work places.


If you need any of these services, please call us or simply fill out the following request form:


Service Request Form

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