About Us

Serving you the true message of Islam
In sincerity and humility

Have you ever-
   1) Read one whole page directly from The Quran yourself?
   2) Read a singe chapter from a biography of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)?
   3) Asked a Muslim directly to explain his or her religion to you?

Whatever your sincere answers may be, it’s our honor to have you here. Whether you have never studied Islam or been a devout Muslim, you are equally welcome. We hope you will find our efforts sincere, helpful and enriching to you.

Just like a real fish is caught from water and NOT from air, the real truth is found where it belongs: it’s original sources. Therefore, if you want to know the truth about Islam, read for yourself from its scriptures and converse directly with the Muslims. When we rely on third-party “experts”, we fall victims to misinformation. Whether intentional or not, falsehood will always be deceiving and will mislead you to think and act in the wrong direction. No soul should fall victim to falsehood and deception; and that’s why every human should have access to the truth about all things.

As you have a right to seek the truth, we at Islam 4 Humanity look forward to have the honor to explore together with you. We’re here to present Islam to you exactly as we the Muslims understand from The Quran and the examples of The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). How you will respond to it-that’s yours to decide. Whatever faith or opinions you may hold, we invite you to converse and interact with us. Let’s have a cordial and sincere dialogue. May Allah bless you profusely.

Our Mission

Present the true message of Islam directly from its original sources to every human in absolute sincerity while holding the highest regard for his or her person, beliefs and opinions.

Our commitment to serve humanity

Every human has the basic right to know the truth about all matters. Falsehood will always be misleading and will never be a substitute for the truth. We will strive to present Islam to you unaltered and from its original sources. We respect you and embrace you as our fellow human no matter what beliefs and ideas you hold.  Our objective is to serve you by making the true message of Islam available to you. How you will respond to it—that’s your free choice. However, we’ll remain committed to be at your service and convey the true message with sincerity, humility and care.

A Brief History

For over two decades, Professor Munshi Shams has been explaining Islam to people of all faith in the United States.  Two of the most striking facts that he learned from the experience were 1) A vast majority of the people did not know the very basics of Islam; and 2) The greater part of whatever they knew was utterly incorrect. Two biggest reasons for this were 1) Most people never had a chance to learn Islam first hand from its authentic sources and 2) Their Islamic education mostly came from the non-Islamic sources that held serious anti-Islamic bias. As a Muslim, Munshi felt the urgent and overwhelming call  to make the true message of Islam easily accessible to all people.

To answer to this call, he launched Islam 4 Humanity in 2017 under the entity Humanity 4 You Inc. Here you can learn Islam directly from its authentic sources and it’s being explained to you by a Muslim. We want you to know the truth; whether you accept or reject it–that’s  your prerogative.  You can also ask your questions directly, interact with us first-hand and know what we the Muslims say about things that concern you.

Stay engaged with us

  1. Watch our live shows broadcast regularly from Facebook and YouTube
  2. Learn from The Noble Quran and the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) on our website
  3. Ask us any questions and get a first hand answer
  4. Know a Muslim’s opinions on the events around us
  5. And much more

Truth will empower you

Falsehood gives birth to fear, bias and hatred in our hearts. Ultimately, we erect walls of mistrust and further divide humanity. Truth on the other hand, enlightens and enriches our hearts. As a result, we get to know each other, build bridges and come together. Let’s find the truth together.